About Wendy

I have been an athlete all my life, and though only average, I have discovered it was in being average that motivated me to keep going and try harder.  After all, “If it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger.” So now,  I am a natural competitive body builder, coach to many, and inspiration to thousands.

I am a published fitness and bikini model and I believe that modeling is a form of art which celebrates the female body and a dedication to fitness. I provide my pictures here for your inspiration and enjoyment.

If you are a photographer and want to work with me, please message me on Facebook or Instagram.

If you buy something from me, thank you! By doing so, you show your appreciation for my work, and you also support future photo shoots.

Join my Realm!

I currently have two royalty levels in my realm. Choose the level you want below so that I can welcome you to the kingdom!

Knight of the Kingdom

As a Knight, you get access to pictures that I don’t post on social media. This is a monthly membership.

Prince of the Palace

As a Prince, you will receive royal treatment from me. Including Topless and Nude shots, along with messaging privileges on IG. This is a monthly membership.

2022 PDF Calendar

If you didn’t get a 2022 PAPER calendar, you can now get the digital PDF version.

And rather than just 1 picture each month, it contains 25 images of me to keep you company all year long.

Best of all, every month has a booty picture! … Because I know you like it. 😉

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Signed Photos

Thanks for wanting to purchase some of my pictures! 🥰

8×10 Signed Prints $15

16×20 Signed Posters $55

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